Duration : 1 YEAR


320+ Hours of learning sessions

Course Overview

In this course you will get a holistic view about digital marketing and digital distribution, the course will contain all the educational data that is required to be a professional marketer, you will be taken on a long and subjective marketing learning experience.

This course will explore all the concept, topics, tools and frameworks that have to leveraged in order to market product, services and content digitally, the course will teach learners how to digitally distribute content across multiple platform efficiently, scalably and cost effectively.

Explore a holistic and deeply integrated world of digital marketing and digital distribution and progressively learn to deliver marketing campaigns with higher R.O.I, and parallelly learn to distribute content globally in a scalable and cost-effective way.

This course will render a holistic view into the deep concept and fundamentals of digital marketing and digital distribution which will progressively transform the leaner into a Pro Digital Marketer & Distributor who can market services, products , brands and content in a scalable, efficient and cost-effective way.

You will Learn (Info & Syllabus)

Digital Distribution, Digital Strategy, Content Marketing, SEO, PPC/ PPM, Content Marketing, SEO, SMM, SEM, Market Research, Organic Growth, Lead Generation & Acquisition.

Our Curriculum is divided into 5 Modules


  • Seo Techniques 
  • HTML Meta Tags
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Traffic Analysis & Estimation
  • SEO Process & Protocols
  • Web Optimization 
  • Meta Tagging 
  • SEM Rush Session 
  • ALEXA Integration & Session 
  • Search Engines Explained 
  • Google Analytics and Traffic Data Analysis 
  • SAAS Integration
  • Cloudflare Protection & SSL integration
  • Seo Protocols as per google
  • Web Crawlers 
  • Web Directories 
  • Organic Traffic Sources 
  • Traffic Exchange Program 
  • HTTPS / SSL / TLS / UDP / TCP Explained
  • Rendering SEO Strategy
  • FTP Protocol and FTP Clients
  • HTTP & SSH Clients
  • Content Creation for Organic Growth
  • Summary and Closure 


  • SMM Process 
  • Target Audience Analysis 
  • Campaign Cost Estimation 
  • Campaign Rich Media Content Integration
  • Campaign Optimization 
  • Conversion Optimization 
  • R.O.I Data Campaign Monitoring
  • Facebook ADVERT Session
  • Facebook ADVERT Dashboard Overview 
  • Facebook ADVERT Vital Features
  •  Facebook ADVERT Campaign Scheduling & Delivery
  • Facebook ADVERT Real Time Bidding & Campaign Management
  • Lead Generation via FACEBOOK ADVERT 
  • Web Traffic Generation via FACEBOOK ADVERT 
  • Instagram Promotion via FACEBOOK ADVERT
  •  Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Campaign Integration 
  • WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Rendering and Execution
  • Instagram Marketing Campaign  Rendering and Execution 
  • Landing Page Creation for LEAD GENERATION 
  • Form Creation via Facebook for Lead Generation 
  • Facebook Settings Explained
  • Facebook Policies Explained. 
  • Cost-Effective Design Solutions For Distribution Campaigns.
  • R.O.I Estimation
  • Planning & Rendering Distribution Strategy..
  • Executing Distribution Strategy.


  • Online reputation management.
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Networking websites tech analysis.
  • Converged Social Media
  • Social Exposure Explained.
  • Affiliate Marketing in Social Media.
  • E-commmerce via Social Media.
  • Conversion Optimization of Social Media Accounts.
  • Leveraging Social Media Advertising Dashboards (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter)


  • Search Engine Marketing Overview
  • Google Adwords Dashboard Overview
  • Campaign Generation Process
  • Display Targeting Options / Display Ads Format
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • CPM. CPC, CPA explained
  • Bounce & Engagement Rate
  • Real Time Biding System
  • Ad Groups and Campaign Management
  • Cost effective Campaigns
  • Higher R.O.I Campaigns Case Studies
  • Organic Growth via Content Creation
  • Promotional Content Creation
  • Rich Media Platform Specific Integration
  • Video Advertising
  • Motion Graphics Advertising
  • Marketing SAAS
  • High R.O.I via UX analysis
  • Pay-per-click overview
  • Strategizing PPC campaigns
  • Market Analysis
  • Ad writing Techniques
  • Campaign Management
  • Bid Management Plan
  • Effective Landing Pages
  • Performance Tracking
  • Decipher User Psychology
  • Reporting & Analysis Testing
  • SEM Management (Other Opportunities)
  • Ad Testing & Rectification


  • Search Engine Web Master Tools Overview
  • Email Marketing via SAAS
  • SMS Marketing via APIs / SAAS
  • Website Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Reporting and Testing
  • Quality Score Analysis
  • Developing Digital Strategy
  • Developing Distribution Strategy
  • Campaign Automation
  • R.O.I Calculation per Campaign

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We pick experts from Multiple Domains to deliver a Holistic & Integrated Learning experience. (6 Course Advisors)

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